Ways of Developing a Research Proposal

How to Develop a Research Proposal

A research proposal is a document that a learner is required to write if the proposal is to earn a doctorate. Therefore, writing a research proposal requires that you plan in advance how you will perform your research. The preparation phase needs to start as early as high school, and it is the reason why most students end up rushing when writing a research proposal.

As the title indicates, a research proposal is the first section of the dissertation. It is designed to gauge the understanding of the student concerning the topic you are about to explore. It follows then that the document needs to be well written. It will be easy for your tutor to determine if your research proposal has support if you prove your understanding by providing compelling text that the reader will read and consider or dismiss it. The introduction should be brief but to the point. Include the topic, your research aims, and a clear statement on the implications of the researched issue. It helps to present your research proposal to support the claim.

A good research proposal should have a well-organized flow of ideas. The first step, then, is to clearly define the problem you intend to investigate. The reader needs to know the scope of your research and why it is important. Additionally, the research aims should be clearly expressed to inform the reader and guide them on which approach they should adopt to avoid repeating the research.

The second step is the literature review, where you will focus on utilizing relevant publications that further your knowledge in your area of study. Create a list of all the books, journal articles, and government publications that you will use in your dissertation. This will help you to refer to the sources when writing the dissertation since there will be enough cited data to reference to your work.

The last step is the methodology section. The methodology should clearly summarize your ideas concerning how you will carry out your research. Explain the procedures you will use to collect your data and other pertinent information concerning the planned research. Keep in mind that this is the part that makes or breaks your research proposal.

A good proposal should also address any new information that can help illuminate the research. Therefore, it is best to explain your research question and the theoretical frameworks or their implications. Here, you are required to provide evidence and justify why the research question needs further exploration.

In conclusion, a well-written proposal would end up paving the way for your research project. Therefore, it is essential to achieve exceptional academic standards. Seek help if you feel stuck when writing your proposal.

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