This Personal Statement Writing Guide Will Get You the Work of a Personal Statement Writer

What is a Personal Statement?

While writing your college admission statement is a normal part of the application process, you might be having difficulties coming up with a memorable one. Having a general sense of your strengths and experiences will undoubtedly help boost your chances of getting selected into your preferred college. For starters, the personal statement will paint a clear picture of who you are, why you want to study the said institution, and the type of learner you are.

The statement writing process is quite time-consuming and tedious. Your personal statement should, therefore, add value to your college application. It should show that you are an academic achiever capable of handling academic and extra-curricular assignments without any problems. Furthermore, it should also show that you can adapt to academic and social pressures while also maintaining your values and sense of ethics.

Four Steps to Follow

Even though the personal statement writing is quite involving, there are simple steps to follow that anyone can use. Therefore, the trick to successful writing is to set enough time to go through the guidelines. Keep the following steps in mind when creating your statement.

  • Have a suitable thesis statement – here, you are supposed to state your quest to excel in academics and life.
  • Have a rationale for the statement – here, you are supposed to provide all the reasons why you want to be accepted to the college.
  • Explain your achievement in a single sentence- you should use two sentences for this. It does not matter the length, but the point is to explain exactly what you want to achieve.
  • Create your introductory paragraph – to set an excellent hook in your statement, you need to establish an initial hook in the statement. This is simply the essay section that is the moment that causes a reader to gather their energy and read the whole paper. Always start strong.
  • Write a strong introduction – after hooking your audience, it is necessary to develop a strong intro. It should be interesting and grab their attention. You should use a well-written anecdote to do this.
  • Focus on your core values – focusing on your core values ensures that you stay focused on the topic at hand. You should start the introduction with something that highlights who you are.
  • Conclude your statement – this is the final section where you fully show your personality. Show to the admission officer why you think you deserve to be accepted to the college. Thereafter, you can either offer an application, give a recommendation, or offer some words of encouragement.

How to Write Your Statement

Personal statements are quite lengthy, and writing a unique one can be somewhat complicated. You can easily make the writing process easier if you follow our simple guide, which will guide you through all the essential steps in writing a successful personal statement.

Choose the Right Type of Personal Statement

While having a personal statement should be a personal matter, most institutions provide students with one. Therefore, it would be best if you researched widely before settling on any one. Check on any reviews, testimonials, and articles related to the type of personal statement that you have been assigned.

Choose an Original Personal Statement and Write

When the time comes to compose your essay, it would be best to be original. Your personal statement should represent you, not anyone else. You need to ensure that your paper is original and perfect. As such, ensure you avoid using any clichés when writing the paper.

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