Significance of Writing a Personal Statement

Significance of Writing a Personal Statement

A personal statement is an essential document for any student to join any college, university, or graduating class. Writing it is not enough to get accepted in the college you would like. You also have to demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the job without a lot of extra effort. A personal statement is also considered to be among the most challenging essays one will write when they are not sure about themselves. Here are a few tips to help you when writing a statement, as indicated below.

Select the right subject for your statement

A student must select a significant topic that will be of interest to him or her and will not give false information. Write a logical and impressive statement that will answer the prompt. Students should select a subject that they are passionate about and that which interests them. Here is a list of some subjects that students might select for a personal statement.

  • Your unique personality and experiences. This can be made personal, as it might be evaluated by a panel of assessors or fellow students.
  • The instructor’s expectation and beliefs about the course you are applying.
  • An academic or career objective you might have about the course you are applying to and explain what the knowledge gained from the course will contribute to your life’s goals.

Plan well for your write-up

With a target deadline of submitting the personal statement before the start of the college application season, your college paper must be well-crafted. The statement should not be written as you want it to be. Write the statement as it will be or come up with a draft. Either way, do not submit the final document before the due date as it is considered to be in bad form.

Read a lot of literature

Reading widely gives you great insight as to how you will ultimately paint your statement. Many people could take words and paint them in their personal statement, but they do not get it right. The use of half-truths, exaggerations, and simple wrong sentences will be noticeable and may even affect your chances of getting accepted in the college you are applying to. Reading literature will enable you to come up with an interesting statement that will earn you a good score.


A personal statement should sound casual and informal. Always consider yourself and that which you portray as you write. Try to maintain the flow of your essay in your writing. The personal statement is like a professional piece that needs adequate preparation and sufficient time. Do not rush in with a statement or start writing too soon. Set time aside to study and craft the paper in the time allocated and make sure your statement, not to mention it will be correct.

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