Research Paper with Methodology: Descriptive Data Analysis

Research Paper with Methodology: Descriptive Data Analysis

Today, many research papers with methodology involve descriptive data analysis. As such, students should know about that before commencing the writing process.

For instance, you could be writing a research paper about the changes in drinking habits. In such a case, you’ll need to provide data to support your claims. In that case, it would be best if you can come up with an excellent methodology. Now, what is a methodology?

Methods are those tools that a researcher uses to collect and analyze data. Often, they include various steps that you’ll have to perform for the data analysis to work. And what should you include in the methodology section in a research paper with methodology? The following is a breakdown of the relevant sections in a research paper with methodology.

Descriptive Data Analysis

One common feature with most scientific research papers is the inclusion of descriptive data analysis. It would be best if you can know what this type of data analysis can do before commencing the writing process. Imagine that you have the research questions and the desired answer.

After that, you’ll need to analyze the data and pick out the vital elements. Besides, this type of data analysis also includes data from past studies where the solution was discovered. As such, this data provides enough data for you to provide the hypothesis about how you’ll proceed with the data analysis. From there, you can evaluate different theories and propose a new one.

Besides, a researcher might consider a comparison of their work with different research methods. Finally, they can provide an overview of what you should include in your research paper with methodology.

From an overview of this section, you’ll know how to manage your descriptive analysis. As for the writing process, you’ll pick a suitable approach for the introduction, followed by the literature review. You’ll then provide all the relevant sections that will lead to your final write-up.

Analytical Tools and Literature Review

In this section, it would be best if you had answers to the questions that you were investigating. A good research paper should provide actual data that has been documented. If that wasn’t the case, it might lead to getting an answer that doesn’t match the research question.

It would be best if you had the tools that will guide you through the data analysis. For instance, you can use scientific software to analyze the data. Also, you can hire a professional data analysis service to manage your paperwork.

When the methodology section shows you the methods used in the data analysis, you can correlate this with other studies. At times, you’ll have data from different sources that can help to improve your paper’s validity.

At times, you might also decide to add sample data in the sample analysis section. As such, students must countercheck the methods used to see if they can be replicated in your research. From there, you’ll get to confirm if the results are viable. In other words, the methods will play the role of validating your findings. From there, you can tie this to your research question and find out if it is true.

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