How to Write an Excellent Research Proposal

How to Write an Excellent Research Proposal

A research proposal is an overview of your research, with your plan of actions, methods used, and your proposal’s outline needed to present unique research proposals. It must not only help the readers understand the necessity of your work; it is essential to familiarize them with the field school’s research proposal, which can help them understand the supervisor’s line of play.

Why is a Proposal Important

You can imagine this document is essential if one is applying for a research position at a university, high school, or a small lab work—in any of these fields, a proposal is an essential and required document.

In general, the proposal is one to get approval to proceed with the actual research of the student. Hence, your proposal should always be attractive to the supervisor, give them vital information on the project, and demonstrate your ability to handle your task and give the best proposal.

Proposals are mainly designed for the reasons listed below:

  • They allow you the chance to showcase your skills, which are going to be needed in your research
  • Proposals allow you to have ideas about your research before completing it.
  • A proposal enables you to demonstrate your ability to handle challenges that might happen, whether substantial or minor, during the research.

Elements of a Good Proposal

When handling any section of your research proposal, make sure you grasp the following;


The title of your proposal is a summary of the whole document, thus should be well written.


Give an overview of your paper, focusing on the main point and should work your way to the end.


In this section, organize your ideas so that they can be presented in a logically arranged structure. This is also to avoid the mind wandering, which is detrimental for the writer of an excellent proposal.

Literature review.

An overview of the research activities conducted in the past is required to show your research knowledge, and the reason for the research.

Format and Conventions to Follow

Although, once in a while, some schools require their researchers to format the title page, it is not always the case. In most cases, your supervisor will dictate the format, and the last thing you should do is mess with their format. You should, therefore, adapt to their rule; however, some variations of the format are conceivable. Because of the length of your proposal, it is preferable for you to use APA format while using MLA, Harvard, and Chicago when referencing to your published work.


Proposal conclusion briefly summarizes your paper’s main ideas and give your overall opinion. While the conclusion is not always mandatory for you to have, keep it at the end of the paper when writing the proposal. Some of the points to include include;

  1. Showcase your understanding of the main points
  2. Promote your ambitions
  3. Add details to explain why you chose the particular project

Save yourself the stress by utilizing the guides given in this article and write your excellent research proposal.

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