How to Write a Casual Essay?

A causal essay is a piece of writing that is based on “cause and effect†relationships.

Start with the main topic. Do you want to write (in general) about history? Art? Languages? Sports? Novels? The news? Events abroad? Movies? To music? People? To politics? Religions? Science? Technology? These are the main topics for writing a causal essay. The first topic you choose is the main topic. The main topic is followed by a subtopic. It is more specific and specific. What will you write about? About human rights? A masterpiece of Picasso? Spanish language? NFL? The novel “To Kill a Mockingbird?†or “The Columbine Massacre†After you have selected the main topic/subtopic, create a concept map and mark what you will write about. All other procedures will be detailed and comprehensive.


Brainstorming will be another foundation for your writing. You need to think carefully about the selection of vocabulary. Use interesting words. For example, “good, pleasant, cool, interesting†can be replaced by the words “extravagant, disgusting, bright.†Try to write down the maximum number of ideas.

Develop your point of view

Try to organize your thoughts. Write down the maximum number of ideas that came to your mind during the brainstorming process. You have to try your best to improve the content and the main idea for the cohesiveness and integrity, as well as the flow of thoughts. They should be made up in the logical order.

Consider new sections

Use the new argumentative sections based on the previous step, that is, brain attack. Thus, you will have an idea about what you are going to describe in each individual section.


You need to back up the argumentative part with statistics. Statistics work very well in the case of a convincing essay. Figures and facts are an excellent method of persuasion. Make sure you have evidence. Choose the maximum amount of useful statistics and add them to previous ideas.

Structure Sections

Arrange the main points of the plan into sections in a logical order. For example, in the first section, you want to tell how you support the topic of an essay. In the second paragraph you can provide practical ideas, and in the third – determine what needs to be done. Make sure that the plan items in each section are logically structured.


Almost all good essays begin with a convincing introduction. In the introduction, you can outline a number of arguments. Do not write paragraphs of the plan. Try to make logical paragraphs!

Write! Write down your ideas. Do not forget to pay attention to the plan. Make sure the sections are clearly defined and include all the information you were about to provide.


Keep your thoughts in a convincing ending. Do not repeat what has already been said. Based on the arguments, demonstrate the hidden meaning of the essay and end the essay with a catchy phrase.

Check and edit your essay to complete the job flawlessly! Mistakes in spelling, grammar, and vocabulary, it all matters! The casual essay should comply with the effective standards of writing to impress the audience.