How to create the name of the writing work

When thinking up a title (and when choosing a topic), think about the fact that:

  • the name must be brief, concise
  • it should contain unambiguous expressions and phrases
  • everyone should understand from the title what it means
  • the name should, where possible, include the professional terminology of the field
  • designation of type of work (bachelor, master etc.) is NOT part of the title!
  • no dot is written at the end of the title
  • create a grammatically correct name so that you don’t need to use hyphens, parentheses, etc. (see examples below)
  • do not use any other special characters in it

  • always name personalities with your full name
  • for writing a name, the graphic layout that is otherwise binding for the printed version (ie, highlighted letters, capitals, etc.) is not used
  • the name must be entered exactly as it will be later on the title page
  • a separate field is reserved for any subtitle! (while the subtitle usually differs graphically on the cover page or writes after the colon)
  • the subtitle is always written at the beginning with a small letter, but always with respect to the grammatical rules of the relevant language (eg the names of works, names of people, etc.)

Remember to translate the title into English!

The translation of the title into English should be adequate in the other language, but it should be grammatically correct, not word by word!