Essay writing

The choice of topic is the preparation of the preparation process, own scientific work and writing the text. It is mainly cooperation with a leading teacher. Choose a theme that is close to you, unprocessed, easy to grasp, and can be defined. Then add a given topic, or explain what led you to deviations. You need to contact your department to change the topic.

The most important solutions to the problems you want to address, set goals, select methods, and clarify the benefits of your work. An important preparation is the research of information sources from which you can draw. Thanks to her and you will get an overview of the availability of literature and you will have time to take it in time. Lay out the gradual steps. Think of a suitable and concise name (see also below) and structure your future work. Plan your time for each step. It will make it easier for you to comply with the deadline.


The research is a list of literature on the subject, you have to write about the job. Finding information about available information sources: library catalogs, professional electronic databases, and other resources on the Internet, such as university websites, scientific societies, and industry-specific topics. Gathering and reading selected literature is a prerequisite for creating an overview of the subject and the topic of your work. Use the basic knowledge and skills for your own work. Preparing for a search includes several steps:

Choice of professional terms to address language and knowledge skills.

The formulation of a search query assumes knowledge of various types of searches and search tools, such as Boolean and proximity operators, and curtailments. If you haven’t participated in training applications, you need at least one amount and help (search for tips, etc.) in databases but also in library catalogs. Keyword search experience with key terms.

Choosing information resources means printing and using a library of funds, available industry databases, and Internet resources (eg, Encyclopedia, access to information and information). .

Search catalogs and databases from a form composed of search fields, inserts embedded in your search queries.

The results obtained need to be assessed and only those governments selected. If the results do not meet your requirements, you need to search for additional documents – refine, use other terms, or restrict search to year, language, document type

If you have searched the library catalogs or databases for full texts or data, they will only contain documents, texts and texts.

Your faculty library will help you with research.


The title of the work must be short and concise. The topic of working with professional terminology must be clear and concise. Definitely suck up unwritten expressions and complex wordings. Remember, the task is to get basic information about your work.

For more information, see How to create a job name correctly


The structure of the work contains, in addition to the text itself, a form of formal requisite.

Requirements for Structure and Formal Organization of Work in Rector’s Decree No. 4/2006 Guidelines for Creating University Qualifications at AMU. You will also find suitable patterns for the cover sheet, boards, and so on.

Acknowledgment that can be included before the content is an expression of respect for those who have helped the author in writing any work: consultants, teachers, family (not the opponent, evaluates the finished work).

Abstract (or sometimes also a paper) is a text summarizing everything relevant to the content of the work – goals, methods, results and conclusions. The purpose is to allow the reader to decide on the basis of the abstract if it is beneficial to read the whole work. The text of the abstract should be brief and comprehensible, usually one paragraph in the language of work and in English. If the language of the work is English.

Always choose a standard language here, do not write in their form. Remember that your abstract will always be publicly available, for example in the library catalog. Your faculty library can help you create an abstract.

The list of abbreviations and symbols is compiled when there is a large number of abbreviations and is preceded by the actual text of the work or the end of the work.

List the bibliographic citations in a uniform format and always according to the rules set by the rules. How to create the right quotes can be found on our website.

The list of used literature can be supplemented with other recommended literature on the topic and links to interesting websites. The literature list is governed by the citation rules.

Attachments are placed at the end of work. These are texts, pictures, charts, tables that would be unnecessarily detailed in the text, but should be on hand to illustrate the solutions and results of the solution. They are numbered and may be referred to in the text. A list of attachments is placed before the first attachment.

The explanatory notes can be written below the line on the text page you are explaining.

If you already have a job done, printed and tied, or even cast, and you find that you made a significant mistake in it. It is written on a separate sheet of paper, which is labeled “Repair” in a bundle. It must clearly define the error, its location in the original text and its correction.